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What can I say - it has been extremely busy the past couple of months!

I now have my own 1 bedroom flat and a job, working in a nursery with some of the cutest kids in the world, but as an unqualified assistant. So that is what I am working towards - getting that qualification! 😀

September 20, 2018

Hi everyone!

A lot of positive things have happened. I now have my own flat and I have only just finished decorating.

I am still doing my online course to get my qualification and have started earning my certificates in some really important subjects. And I have joined an agency that will help me get employment as a teaching assistant.

How amazing is that! 😁


August 24, 2018

I would like to update you with all that has been happening the past couple of months. The online course itself has been an amazing experience and I know that I know that I have chosen the right career path.

But as I was doing the homework and research tasks it became increasingly difficult and I started to avoid doing it. I couldn't understand why I would avoid something I love, so I booked myself in to meet with the counsellor. She told me I was suffering with post traumatic stress. I was both relieved and upset. It upset me that the being raped had affected my life so much and now that that I was moving towards my future it was still there affecting me.

But, I am determined I will not allow it to steal from my life any longer. Your act of kindness kept me going, you made me accountable. Not only to myself but to you as well because you believed in me. I often read your messages to keep me going. What you did is still helping me well after you donated the money.

I am determined to finish this online course and plough through the PTS 👊

June 05, 2018

A picture my student drew for me!

Here is a picture that one of my learners drew after our school trip! 🎨 Next for my teaching assistant training, I am booked onto two safeguarding sessions in the next month and I'll let you all know how these go. 😊

April 30, 2018

I just wanted to let you know that the online course is fantastic! I'm enjoying the experience of being a student in the comfort of my own room. I have also realised it is preparing me for college which is also amazing and I am going at my own pace.

I had nothing to worry about!

The tutor is really good and it is no different to being sat in a classroom. With the stage that I am at personally it is actually better.

The future is bright and now I am looking forward to having one.

March 01, 2018

“You have given me hope. You have given me a light out of a very dark tunnel".

February 02, 2018

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  • Journey

    Dec 2017

    Cheryl is referred by one of Beam's registered charity partners

    Jan 2018

    Cheryl's campaign begins to fund

    Feb 2018

    Cheryl's campaign fully funds

    Feb 2018

    Cheryl begins her CACHE L2 Support Work in Schools and continues to volunteer in a school placement 1 day a week

    Dec 2018

    Cheryl completes her L2 qualification

    Jan 2019

    Cheryl enrols on her L3 Supporting Learning in Schools course

    Sept 2019

    Cheryl achieves a vital qualification in becoming a teaching assistant

    Oct 2019

    Cheryl starts work as a full time teaching assistant


    CACHE Level 3 Supporting Learning in Schools tuition and exam
    CACHE Level 2 Support Work in Schools online course
    Hewlett Packard Stream laptop with Microsoft Office
    Travel for level 3 course
    Criminal record check
    * Each campaign raises approximately 10% extra towards a pooled contingency fund used to cover any extra costs involved in a member's journey.


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