Press coverage

New site helps crowdfund training for homeless people - Dec 2017
"Tony was homeless for decades, but now he’s turning his life around. He started training as an electrician but ran out of money to pay for the course. So he turned to Beam."
Crowd-funding helps homeless get back to work - Nov 2017
"This transparency in how donors’ money is spent, with regular photographs of the recipient... is a key factor in convincing supporters that their money is having an impact."
How crowdfunding can create empathy with homeless people - Nov 2017
"The founder of Beam says that his site is not doing the work of the state and builds an emotional connection with individuals helped into jobs....To develop the idea for Beam, Stephany spent more than a year meeting staff and managers at homelessness charities including Thames Reach, Crisis, and Connexions."
This crowdfunding platform for the homeless has won Mayor’s backing - Dec 2017
"Beam, a tech start-up launched in November, has won financial support from Mayor Sadiq Khan for its innovative approach to solving the nation’s growing homelessness crisis...Matt Harrison, director of Homeless Link, a charity dedicated to ending homelessness through policy change, said Beam is one of the most promising digital innovations in homelessness” of recent years."
Beam is a ray of light - Dec 2017
"Supporting homeless people costs the UK £1.15billion a year, while failing to tap into the talents and work aspirations of tens of thousands of people. One tech start-up thinks it has the answer. Beam crowdfunds money for homeless people to train for jobs, then supports them into stable employment."