Funded campaigns

Started Work (40)
These members have funded their campaigns on Beam and started work.
These members have started paid work related to their career goal whilst they continue their training.
Job Hunting (15)
These members have completed their training and are currently looking for work.
In Training (39)
These members' campaigns have funded and they are currently in training.
Pre-Training (19)
These members' campaigns have funded and they are waiting to start their training.
Withdrawn (9)
Often Beam members experience difficult lives. These do not disappear when they come to Beam. Instead, we believe by offering new opportunities and the right support, members can take that all-important step into skilled work. But sometimes a person’s situation changes and it’s in their best interests to end their journey with Beam.

You can learn more about why a member may withdraw from Beam and what happens when they do here.