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Voluntary work is going really well and I will be taking on another family soon. It feels good using the skills I have learned to achieve outcomes for others. And I've been getting some great feedback too. Below is part of an email I got from my manager.

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with your family, and its so special to hear this from the SWs...Just your weekly contact can make such an impact on one families life, and encourage our parents to move forward to a brighter future. Be very proud of yourself."

I very much appreciate the support given. I feel that the course and voluntary work will give me the skills to enter the world of full time employment. Thank you Beam 💗

December 09, 2018

All the books I'm using

Reading, researching and getting prepared to put together a presentation regarding the importance of effective communication. I didn’t realise how much was involved in this course but I’m ready for the challenge.

I have started voluntary work with a family and feel that we have established a good relationship in these early stages. So hopefully this will grow as we attempt to look at the areas that they need support with.

I’m happy and grateful and hope that others can get on board with Beam and get some direction back into their life 😊thank you supporters x

August 06, 2018

All set for work!

Finally received my DBS form in the post so I can now begin my voluntary work helping families that are struggling in life.

This work will run alongside the course that you guys helped me to get on, and will provide me with the material I need to complete the assignments. I’m very grateful and will update my progress soon x

June 25, 2018

Researching using my new laptop

Hi 😊

I have just had a lovely holiday in Greece with my family and it’s been so nice spending quality time with my two nephews.

I’m still waiting for my DBS check to complete which is at stage 4 of 5 so hopefully it won’t take much longer as I can’t start my volunteering placement until this has been done.

I have however begun to read through the course introduction and hope to start unit 1 soon. 💻 The laptop is helping with my research and preparation so I am extremely grateful to my supporters.

I feel very lucky to have made it back into recovery and I have so many good things happening in my life that I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get where I am today. X

May 29, 2018

My campaign has fully funded!

It took 8 days to fund! £1,205! It wasn’t so much about the money - it’s the messages that people leave. The first few that came in, it showed me that there are nice people out there. It made me emotional. These are people that I have never and will never meet - it restores my faith in humanity especially after all the bad experiences that I have had. It’s touching that they are willing to put their money into my future.

It makes me feel more determined to put my all into this. It would be great to do an update for my supporters during and after the course so people know their money has gone to a good cause.

The supporter that put “don’t worry if you slip - it’s ok”. That’s so kind. For people to be that understanding. I’ll never know who they are - I’d love to comment back to all individual messages. My eyes welled up when I read them.

I rang my mum straight away when I found out! She said “already?!” I didn’t realise it would be so quick. My mum donated at the start to get the ball rolling. Every time someone put some money in and left a message, she would ring me - but I was trying not to look all the time!

The laptop is here and Seb has said the course has already been paid for so I can start very soon. For the voluntary placement I’m waiting for the DBS check to come through - it should be in the next couple of weeks. I’ll start the course, then the placement and then I’m off!

I’m looking forward to getting back into learning and starting the placement so I can actually start helping other people. I struggle at the moment with impatience and I just really want to get going and get back to some normality. My self-esteem grows by helping others!

Thank you so much for the donations and most importantly the kind words of encouragement which leaves me feeling determined to put everything I have got into the course and my recovery!

April 11, 2018

I have just set my campaign live!

I feel nervous but very hopeful about setting my campaign live. It's an online course so I can start as soon as this funds - it will get posted to me! I'm very excited about starting the next chapter in my life. I have always liked helping others achieve their true potential and I am hoping that this will help me to achieve mine.

I am extremely grateful. I can't get my head around the fact that people hopefully will donate! But thank you to everyone that will support me.

March 26, 2018

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    Jan 2018

    Nicki is referred by one of Beam's registered charity partners

    Mar 2018

    Nicki's campaign begins to fund

    Apr 2018

    Nicki's campaign fully funds

    Apr 2018

    Nicki begins her course and starts in a relevant volunteer placement

    Jan 2019

    Nicki looks to access move-on housing

    Mar 2019

    Nicki completes her volunteering and diploma in Adult Care

    Apr 2019

    Nicki moves into her own place and begins full-time work as a support worker


    NCFE CACHE Adult Care Level 3
    Laptop for course
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