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August 09, 2018

I'm 7 months into my adult health and social care course. Although we're not back until the 10th September so I'm taking this time to catch up with my written assignments which have been coming thick and fast.

I've been given the role of supervising new members of the team at my placement which can be challenging - but most growth usually is!

I'm continuing to get my own supervision and direction plus I'll reach 5 yrs clean and sober myself on the 24th August.

May 16, 2018

I'm currently on a health and social care course focusing mainly on substance misuse /addiction.

👌 I feel good about my training. I'm confident I'll pass.

I volunteer at a drug and alcohol rehab and I am proud to say that I've been allowed to formulate my own process group. 🎉

I should be getting certificates around certain modules on completion. I'll post these as soon as I get them!

April 10, 2018

I found out my campaign had funded about 10 days ago. I got an email from Beam but I wanted to see it on the website to confirm! Then Seb phoned me on the Monday - we talked about reaching the target and if I had any dates yet for when the second part of my course starts. I mentioned to Seb that I was looking at my supporters and all the messages and that I would like to do something like a video or a message to thank them.

I had mixed feelings when I found out. I was excited. I was surprised - after about a week when my profile went live and I saw the rate that the money was coming in - that surprised me the most. About £100 a day! To reach £3000 in just over a month - I am lost for words. Shocked. Pleasantly surprised!

I told my girlfriend first - about 1am I texted her and then she rang me back! Then my line manager and director and some of the other volunteers. All the relevant people - they were all really pleased. Other volunteers who are on the course with me - they like the idea of Beam and the funding.

My training has already started. There are two parts of the course - the “in spirit” and then the diploma. The in spirit part is about looking after yourself while looking after others. The diploma is the next stage for me. I can start whenever I’m ready!

I’m most looking forward to getting the certificate! Learning new approaches, personal growth, self development.

There is some anxiety - the fear of not passing after committing time and effort and a lot of people have given a lot towards this. But I know the support is there.

The way Beam was explained, step by step was amazing. When the Beam team phone me, it’s not all about the raising of the money and the course. They phone me up to ask me how I am. It might seem insignificant compared to the end goal, but I just feel really supported. I feel I have another organisation and other people in my corner.

I’d like to thank everyone individually, but that is not possible. My level of gratitude is the same for those who gave a pound to those who gave hundreds. I just want to say thank you for giving me this opportunity.

In 5 years time I’ll probably be on another course! Just sharpening myself so I can be as good as I can be in the field of substance abuse. To help as many people as possible. Even if I can just help one - for example if I have one client, the knock on effect for their family, community, health service - the ripples are massive.

My campaign has fully funded!

March 01, 2018

I've just set my campaign live. I'm relieved that this all happening now, it is an uplifting experience. I'm another step closer towards my goal. Thank you to the people that will donate, I'm determined to fulfil my potential and really looking forward to the next stage.

I hope you will follow me on my journey - I'll let you know how my training and volunteer work is going on my news feed!

My campaign just went live!

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