Terry's campaign has fully funded! 🎉 A Beam employee is now supporting him on his journey through training and into work as a gas safety engineer.

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I have finished my plumbing training so I am officially a qualified plumber 🎉 I have started the gas foundation course... and I'm launching my next Beam campaign very soon!

The plumbing has been great. Knowing how a system works is quite complicated. It is very interesting how the old plumbing works - you really have to think! Everything has to be so accurate; within a couple of millimeters accuracy.

It’s very satisfying finishing a bathroom installation. This has all made me feel much more confident, getting back into work. I wouldn’t have been able to do this before. I just didn’t want to go back into a boring job.

I have met some interesting people - including some from the army! One of the teachers was also in the last posting I was at.

Beam has been very helpful. Especially the people that donate - I was amazed at how generous people are. They really want to give directly and make a difference.

Thank you all very much. I feel quite humbled. I was going to say I’d give everyone a free gas safety check once I’m qualified - but 354 people is a lot to get through!!

Now I have to get work experience and a portfolio to prove I can do the work. The portfolio will take 3-4 months. You have to install 6 boilers and do services on at least 3. Then I have to get the ACS, the next course, which means I am gas safe.

I’m looking forward to launching a second Beam campaign very soon!

Watch this space and I’ll keep you updated…

April 25, 2018

Terry has passed his plumbing exam with a distinction!

March 16, 2018

Great news, my campaign funded! I feel very humbled, grateful and really taken aback by just how much people gave to my campaign. I’m now more determined than ever to get into work as I don’t want to let you all down.

Thanks to the support, I’m now starting training on the 5th of March. Before then, I’ll be speaking to some military charities to see if they’ll fund me to get the full qualification. I also want to get back down the gym and brush up on my interview technique so I can help Beam do some media.

Having the training booked has made me feel like I’m taking more responsibility for my life. I’m finally getting my drive back and moving forward with things after all these years.


January 12, 2018

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  • Journey

    Terry's campaign began to fund

    Beam and Terry begin approaching veteran and military charities for the further funding needed to become gas safety registered

    Terry's campaign successfully funded

    Terry started his level 2 plumbing diploma

    Terry completed his level 2 plumbing diploma, giving him a strong foundation in the basics of boiler repair

    Terry began his gas safety training

    Terry completed his gas safety training and is now ready to start on his portfolio and take the ACS exam


    City and Guilds level 2 plumbing diploma
    Gas safety training
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