Parvina's Ben Nevis Ascent! ⛰️


It’s my birthday on the 29th of May. I won’t tell you how old I’ll be, but it’s one of the big ones.

So I’m going to mark my ascent through the years by ascending Ben Nevis which, considering that I have no hiking/trekking experience, is quite a challenge for me.

I’m raising money for Beam, which is a social enterprise dedicated to helping the homeless into work.

I don’t know what it’s like to be homeless. But when I get into my bed and under my warm blankets after a long day, I think about the people I saw on the street. People with no bed, no blanket, no home to go to.

And I think about the fact that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I started this fundraising campaign because, like Beam, I believe in the potential of everybody and the power of stable employment to help people achieve independence. I know first-hand that hard work pays off and anyone could succeed if given a chance.

So will you sponsor my ascent and help homeless people into work?

Thank you!

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