Anna's Impact

As a Caseworker at Beam, Anna helps people experiencing homelessness into stable work so that they can start living independently. You can find out more about the role here!
Anna Ritchie
I'm part of the mission support team, working with those who go up onto the platform. My background is in anthropology and I’ve done research in Tanzania and Honduras on the politics of social movements and the power of communities.

I’ve been interested in social enterprises for a long time, and how they’re creating innovative solutions for complex global issues - and this brought me to Beam! It’s really exciting to be on the frontline with our members throughout their whole Beam journey and see what they go on to achieve.
  Joined February 2018
  Works at Beam
Anna has supported 25 people
16 people started work
1 person job hunting
2 people completed training
2 people in training
4 people withdrawn
Often people experience difficult lives. These do not disappear when they come to Beam. Instead, we believe by offering new opportunities and the right support, they can take that all-important step into skilled work. But sometimes a person’s situation changes and it’s in their best interests to end their journey with Beam.

You can learn more about why a member may withdraw from Beam and what happens when they do here.