Transparency dashboard

We default to transparency.
It's one of our core values. That's why we're putting a lot of information including live data points right here for the world to see.

Our key metrics

3,434 people have made a donation to a campaign to date.
£438,373 has been donated in total.
Beam's supporters have funded 108 campaigns.
campaigns funded within 100 days*
33 days
average time to fund
average campaign size
members joined
average rating of Beam experience by members
average job satisfaction after Beam
10 members have withdrawn so far. We track when during the member journey they withdraw from Beam.

Working with members

The 113 members on Beam's website have been referred from 30 partners:

21 referrals
Kairos Community Trust
19 referrals
St Mungo's
9 referrals
Church Army
8 referrals
Hammersmith & Fulham Council
Registered Beam Partner
6 referrals
Thames Reach
5 referrals
4 referrals
Single Homeless Project
3 referrals
C4WS Homeless Project
The London Borough of Camden
Veterans Aid
West London Mission
2 referrals
Glass Door
Solace Women's Aid
Turning Point
1 referral
999 Club
Look Ahead
No First Night Out
One Housing Group
Phoenix Futures
Providence Row Housing Association
The Big Issue
The London Borough of Croydon
The Upper Room
Western Lodge
Working Chance

Here are the career goals for our 113 members so far:

29 members
11 members
Energy and utilities
9 members
8 members
7 members
Accountancy and finance
6 members
Social care
4 members
3 members
Engineering and manufacturing
Hospitality and events
2 members
Boiler repair
Information technology
Recruitment and HR
1 member
Business and consulting
Creative arts and design
Law, law enforcement and security
Leisure, sports and tourism
  • 40
    White - English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British
  • 20
    Black / African / Caribbean / Black British - African
  • 13
    White - Other
  • 11
    Black / African / Caribbean / Black British - Caribbean
  • 5
    Black / African / Caribbean / Black British - Other
  • 5
    Asian / Asian British - Other
  • 4
    Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups - White and Black Caribbean
  • 4
    Other ethnic group - Other
  • 4
    Other ethnic group - Arab
  • 3
    Mixed/ Multiple ethnic groups - White and Black African
  • 2
    White - Irish
  • 2
    Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups - Other
  • 1
    Mixed / Multiple ethnic groups - White and Asian

Behind the scenes

Beam is a partnership between two organisations:

  • The Beam Foundation - a registered charity that receives all donations and pays for items in the campaign budgets.
  • Beam Up Ltd - a social enterprise which supports Beam members into work and builds technology.

To read about how this works, read our FAQ.


Beam collects a 10% service fee on donations. However, this leaves a significant shortfall in the cost of delivering the service which has been made up by foundations and private funders:

  • Greater London Authority
  • Nesta
  • UnLtd
  • UFI
  • Social Tech Trust
  • Three Oaks Trust
  • 13 individual funders

In 2018, the Beam Foundation's spending totalled £125,558. This breaks down as follows:

  • £106,070 spent on campaign items
  • £19,488 paid to Beam Up Ltd for Beam's support costs
  • A further £86,785 is reserved for future expenditure on campaign items (for example, training that hasn't started yet)

All of this spending was funded by donations.

In 2018, Beam Up Ltd's spending totalled £273,324. This breaks down as follows:

  • £82,678 member support staff costs
  • £158,921 technology and admin staff
  • £4,289 technology costs
  • £27,436 other admin costs

This spending was mainly funded by our funders with a small amount covered by the 10% service fee on donations.

Financial accounts

Our public financial accounts are below:

  Beam Up Limited
  The Beam Foundation

Any questions?

Get in touch at [email protected] if you feel something is missing or you have a question. You can also find more about Beam in our help guide.

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